Trust Bank

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Special Notice Deposit (SND)
This is a short term Deposit scheme for individuals and institutions who do not want to go for long ..
Trust Sristi
This product is designed to encourage female segment of the population. With increasing participatio..
Trust Pothokoli
As another step closer to the unbanked and unserved, TBL brings you Trust Pothokoli- an ac..
Trust Shohopathi
From Porua to Shohopathi… It is the transformation from childhood to adulthood; it is..
Trust Porua
Our dedication to inclusive banking regardless of income or age bar is reflected in this account for..
Savings Deposit Account
Everyday banking made easy and interest calculated on a daily basis - a Trust Bank savings acco..
Current Deposit Account
Trust Bank current account saves you the hassle of carrying around cash every month. The account is ..
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