Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts

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AB bank provide 5 types savingm account. These are-

1.Generic Savings

2.Max Saver

3.Smart saver

4.Student account.


Interest paid System 1.Generic Savings-interest paid half yearly,2.Max Saver-Interest calculated daily and applied quarterly.3.Smart saver-Interest calculated daily and applied quarterly.
Interest Rate 1.Generic Savings-4% ,2.Max Saver-1.50-5.50% ,3.Smart saver-1.50-5.50% ,4.Student account-6%
Initial Deposit 50,000
Other Features 1.For individuals in single or joint names.2.Free SMS banking & internet banking facilities.3.No restriction on the number of transactions subject to transaction profile (TP).4.ATM transaction limits max Tk. 100,000 per day.

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